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Find our league documents here.

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Coach Requirements

Need Support?

The Coaches Association of Ontario offers funding support for coaches of up to 60% on NCCP certification?

A pilot.

In an effort to test new technology and expand its digital content offering, CBC Sports is beta testing AI un-manned cameras to stream community sport in a cost effective manner. In a beta phase, CBC Sports is testing CBC Sports Connect - a groundbreaking digital platform designed exclusively for sport organizations to stream sports into a CBC branded content ecosystem. The platform is dedicated to bringing the exhilaration of sports that aren’t traditionally available to community members, fans, athletes and coaches.Curating the content created by OWIFA and its members, an audience can witness the excitement of competitions live or on-demand and relive the most thrilling moments through customized highlight clips that are easily shareable on your favorite social media platforms. The cameras being used are emerging technology and OWIFA is part of CBC Sports Connect’s test trial. Please expect the content to resemble a raw stream and not a TV broadcast.


To check it out and sign-up for a free account please visit: CBC SPORTS CONNECT - BETA. You will need to create an account your name and email. Also, don’t forget to favourite OWIFA to ensure all the latest content is curated to you.


**Please remember this project is in BETA and is not yet branded or at its full capacity. We are testing our system in collaboration with your content to help us better understand the technology, the platform and the user experience. We hope to learn from games this season and would love to hear your constructive feedback to

How to start a university or college women's football program in Ontario?


1 / Consult your institution's guidelines

Start by reviewing your institutions sport and recreation guidelines on starting a new team or club on campus. Most include an application that involves submitting a proposal for your football program, budget, and interest (athlete and coach signatures)

2 / Garner interest for your club or team

Contact potential athletes, coaches, and sports and recreation administration to see if there is interest and support. Start a social media campaign and collect the resources you need for your program.

3 / Contact Us

Learn what is needed to join OWIFA. Our executive committee will support you in starting your program by providing resources and guidance for applying to your institution. We also offer NFL Canada flag football kits to get you started.

Joining OWIFA is the easy part. Meet our team, declare your program's intent to compete, sign-up your athletes and coaches, and register for our events. No yearly membership fees, just register per event!

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