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Blonde and white skinned, medium height woman athlete running with a football in her right hand. Background is of Tim Hortons field on a sunny day and yellow backdrop. Athlete is wearing all black and has a laurier women's football logo across the front and a yellow flag belt.

Welcome to the Ontario Women's Intercollegiate Football Association

Bringing Women Together Through Football in College and University

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Our upcoming events.

A woman athlete with fair skin and dark brown hair running with a football in the palm of their hands between two athletes wearing all grey. The ground is green with a backdrop of pylons and a house skyline.

Experience the Thrill of Women's Contact & Non-Contact Flag Football With OWIFA

The Ontario Women’s Intercollegiate Football Association (OWIFA) is a league organized and run by women’s flag football programs from colleges and universities across Ontario, Canada. We bring together university and college athletes who share a passion for football and provide them with an opportunity to compete and grow. Our aims are to provide a competitive flag football experience for post-secondary/collegiate women athletes, increase football knowledge, expertise, and strategy of women, foster a supportive community that encourages leadership development, companionship, and positive physical and mental health through football, and offer a diverse and inclusive sporting experience for women collegiate athletes. We are working towards creating equal opportunities for women in collegiate football. Join us and experience the thrill of football with OWIFA.

Football Is for Everyone

Football is a sport that brings people together regardless of their background, ethnicity, or gender. At OWIFA, we believe that flag football is for everyone. Our league consists of over 400 athletes and 70+ coaches that participate in women’s flag football programs at 14 institutions across Ontario. 

We play two inclusive styles of football:

Two women athletes in a squated position and hands out. One athlete is of Asian ethnicity and the other is Black facing forward. Athletes are in a yellow Queen's jersey with numberrs and black bottoms.


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